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Proactive Searching Course

Materials Included:
       Daily & Weekly Planner Networking Checklist
       Job Search Tracking Tool Scripts to use when calling employers
Instructional Training Videos Included:
       References & Accountability Calling Employers
       Job Search Tracking Daily & Weekly Goals
       Social Media Strategies Networking Effectively

Social Media Course

Planning & Preparation Materials Included:
       Hashtag List to follow Twitter Accounts to follow
Instructional Training Videos Included:
       Social Media Suggestions + Transcript Social Media Strategies + Transcript
Strategic LinkedIn Profile Building

Effective Networking Course

Planning & Preparation Materials Included:
       JDNG Online Membership Private Member Forum Access
Instructional Training Videos Included:
       Networking Effectively Handbills & Job Clubs

Proactively targeting employers will speed up your job search!

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References & Accountability

Former colleagues and supervisors are MUCH more important to your job search than just skills verification. Leveraging them correctly, they can significantly speed up your job search.

Job Search Tracking

Finding a good job quickly doesn't have to involve luck, it's about knowledge and tactics. Watch this video to learn how your numbers will help you know exactly what the problem is.

StartWire Dashboard

Sign up for StartWire to help track your job search! Check out this page to learn more.

Social Media Strategies

Online communities provide opportunities to expand your real world network faster than ever. Take advantage of that by proactively reaching out to people as they contact you.

Networking Effectively

Networking is the #1 most popular way to land a job. This is a skill you must have, but it's not as hard as you think. This video lays out a systematic format to successful networking.

How to Call Employers

Although this isn't the most popular way to find a job, it is proven factually to be the most effective. This video will show you it's not that hard, and that it works!

If you've tried all the free advice available and it's not working, then it's time to try the tactics that the professionals are using to find and land jobs. Enroll as a member today and get back to work!

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