Networking Effectively

Networking is the #1 most popular way to land a job. This is a skill you must have, but it's not as hard as you think. This video lays out a systematic format to successful networking.

Our monthly Job Club, the Jobs Driven Networking Group (JDNG) also focuses on networking topics exclusively. Be sure to look under the Resources Tab above to find the two links to the JDNG videos; there are more than 20 full presentations just on networking tactics and strategies there for you.

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Video Timeline - Total Duration: 37:54
01:06 - The real secret to successful networking
01:42 - Getting in the right mindset
03:09 - You don't know who holds the golden ticket
03:49 - Getting started
04:29 - Preparing for the event
04:41 - The RSVP
08:20 - Attending the event
08:25 - What should I bring?
12:23 - The unstructured networking time
14:06 - Interesting and effective strategy for networking
17:45 - Conversations
18:34 - Business Card etiquette
20:05 - Most valuable tip on how to network effectively
22:16 - The Trust Formula
28:43 - Exit strategies
33:20 - Following Up
36:34 - The Checklist

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