Resume Basics

Resumes can be written to create faster feedback, but you still need to cover the basics. Start here writing your resume, and build off of the foundation outlined in this video.

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Video Timeline - Total Duration: 10:47
1:27 - It's an advertisement
2:37 - Rule #1 of Resumes
3:48 - Contact Information: Where to put it and What to include
5:29 - Impenetrable Places to Avoid
6:47 - Proofread
7:55 - Handling Dates of Employment
8:27 - Personal Interests
8:53 - Resume lengths
9:26 - Chronological vs Functional

After watching the video above, be sure to watch the next video, Beyond Resume Basics.

A Taste for Work, Your Menu for Career Success by Teri Clancy, Joy Maguire-Dooley, and Sally Morrison.  This book is a collaboration of 3 job search experts who walk you through the job search process from start to finish, with favorite family recipes in each chapter! They show you how to figure out what your ideal job would look like, all the way through your strategic approach to the first 90 days of your new job.

The methodology described in showing you how to select the right career for you is truly the best I've ever read. I interviewed Joy for this review, and our "quick recap" of the book turned into a 27 minute conversation with additional strategies to help you with your search.  At the end, she shares a personal story that will give you chills, you don't want to miss it so be sure to listen through to the end (and get some great tips along the way).
Click here to listen to Paul's 27 minute discussion with the Author, Joy Maguire-Dooley.

Please remember to look through our Resources section for free resources you can utilize immediately to help your job search efforts, and watch the free videos under each menu heading. There are at least 2 complete instructional videos under each heading.

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