Recorded Job Club Presentations

Speed Up My Job Search!

If you haven't had a chance to see Paul speak live, here is his "Speed Up My Job Search!" presentation in full. If you watch this entire seminar, you WILL know how to land a job faster than you did prior to watching it. WARNING: Know how to do something won't make it happen, you must actually act on the tactics you learn in this seminar. So if you do not plan to implement these ideas, do not watch this, it will only help you if you take action.

Halloween 2016 with Jim Fergle at workNet DuPage!

Every year Jim Fergle from workNet DuPage gives a Halloween presentation that people rave about through the job seeking community. This year he was kind enough to let me record it! This is actual footage from one of Jim Fergle's infamous Halloween presentations! Enjoy!

A couple things to consider before clicking play:
1. It's about 2 hours long, and worth every minute so plan enough time to watch it completely. You'll be glad you did! 
2. Please keep in mind that Jim's responsibility is to lead a job club discussion, but I hope you share in my amazement and gratitude when you see just how much time and effort he put into preparing the story, the slides, the figurines, the music, the costume and the time spent practicing this, all to give job seekers hope, and to help them land jobs. This video is a testament not only to a great program available to you for free at workNet DuPage in Lisle, but also to a great man who cares deeply about helping people. Jim Fergle is truly one of a kind and the job seeking community here in the Chicago area is a better place because he's here, doing work like this. Thank you Jim.


Staying Positive in a Negative World

In this program you will learn:

  • How to recognize the wrong inputs and how they are affecting you
  • Techniques to change your daily attitude
  • Specific tools you can start using today to affect your attitude and more!
  • This program is FREE! Watch the 37 minute presentation below:

Finding and Getting Interviews

In this program you will learn:

  • Specifically how to tailor your resume to each job in detail.
  • How to create lists of companies to target who hire people like you!
  • How to find specific names of people to ask for when you call.
  • What to say when you do call, including specific scripts.
  • This program is FREE! Watch the 32 minute presentation below:

The Job of Getting a Job

In this program you will learn:

  • The effect Attitude has on your job search
  • How to tailor your resume to create interest from employers
  • 2 Daily Planning Strategies for Job Seekers
  • Interviewing Strategies to sell yourself to employers
  • This program is FREE! Watch the 55 minute presentation below:

Strategies to Effectively Sell Yourself in an Interview

In this program you will learn:

  • How to open your interviews to give yourself an edge.
  • How to use Applications and Ice-Breakers to sell yourself.
  • Strategic formulas and concepts to customize your answers to each employer.
  • How to negotiate salaries, thoughts on salary ranges, company budgets, and more.
  • How to close the interview properly to improve your chances of getting an offer.
  • This program is FREE! Watch the 59 minute presentation below:





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