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First watch just 5 minutes of the Job Search Tracking video. Learn how metrics will shorten your job search regardless of your circumstances. 

Next, learn the best tactic recruiters use to find thousands of hidden, online jobs. Click to master it yourself in just 5 minutes!

Plus, get the encouragement and daily motivation to get the job you want. Here are some member comments: 

    "I've learned so much and you are so encouraging and positive...I really felt like you were there with me in my corner..." 

    "[this site] provides strategies to become a more confident person and job seeker."

    " appreciation for your encouragement and advice...kept me going when I was ready to give up."

The difference this program offers you is that these tactics are what Paul uses to make placements as a headhunter. They MUST work consistently or there is a real consequence to him; his business would falter! The fact is that he's been using strategic job search tactics since March of 1998...that's hundreds of successful months! You just need to make them work once. Join now and get started.


Yoda says, "do or do not." NO! It's "do or do." Those are your options!


This video was recorded in August 2014. Paul's assistant, discussed near the end, turned down the offer mentioned to accept another one even closer to home, also within her first 30 days.

Learn to play offense, not defense!


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