Social Media Suggestions

Selecting the right Social Media tools is essential. This video explains how to choose, which ones we suggest and why.

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Video Timeline - Total Duration 24:06
07:47 - Considering LinkedIn
13:41 - Considering Facebook
16:56 - Considering Twitter
18:33 - Considering Google+
21:52 - Assignment

Click Here to connect with Paul Cameron on directly, and add him to your Google+ Circles. 
Once on his profile, click Connect, then Other, and plug in his email address:

A free account with HootSuite should be enough to manage your accounts. However, if you want to try the Pro version, use this link to get a Free 30 Day Trial to HootSuite Pro to manage multiple social media platforms in one place, schedule future posts to go out, and measure their effectiveness.
HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard

You can find SpeedUpMyJobSearch on Facebook and talk with other members through posts.

9 Must Follow Hashtags on Twitter:

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If you use HootSuite to manage your social media accounts, set up a search filter for whichever hashtags you're interested in. That way, when you log in, you can easily see in a single column all the tweets using a given hashtag. Pick and choose the tweets that interest you. Otherwise you can manually search in the search bar.

Twitter Accounts to Follow:

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