Setting Up Your Workspace

It's possible to set up your workspace in a way that will create interest from employers by how efficiently you can react. This video will show you specific steps and resources to walk you through the setup process. This first video contains a complete explanation of our custom Trello Board. Video Access Level Members can build your own using the printable list below the video. Both coaching levels receive a custom built board shared with Paul, however you CAN build this yourself using the directions below and in the video.

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Video Timeline - Total Duration 20:18
00:37 - Why an Organized Desk can help you land faster
04:03 - How to Organize Your Desk
10:29 - The 5 Folders Explained
18:14 - Resources
19:29 - Assignment Time


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We understand not everyone wants to learn through video, although we recommend it to view examples and visuals along with each lesson. So we offer access to a printable transcript of each video to read at your leisure.

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