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Below is a quick explanation of everything you can find in this heading. You'll find we have a very complete list of resources to help you with your search. If you know of a great resource that we SHOULD include here that we haven't, please send us an email about it so we can share it. Every link under this resources tab is free, you don't need to be a member to see our recommended list of resources, so please check them out.

Online Resources

This page will show you a very complete list of resources to help you with Job Search Tracking, websites for doing Research, Job Boards including Diversity Boards, Aggregators, websites for College Grads, Specialty Sites, Career Testing sites and Training Sites. If there's a website we believe can help you find a job faster, we've included it on this page.

Recommended Books

As a talk radio show host for many years, Paul had the opportunity to interview dozens of authors of books related to job search. This page contains a list of his favorites, along with audio clips you can listen to of the interviews with those authors to give you a better feel for who they were and if their book would be relevant for you.

Recorded Presentations

This page is filled with Job Club presentations that were recorded live. Paul has several of his own posted here currently, and we will be adding presentations from other speakers on a variety of topics. As more presentations are recorded, we will add them, so please keep checking back to this page.

Live Web Schedule

View Paul's upcoming calendar of live presentations and webinars. Whenever possible, his live presentations are live-streamed at If you would like Paul to speak at your Job Club or event, you can submit a request on this page.

Video Transcripts

Would you rather read this content instead of watching the videos? If so, then this is the page for you! Find the written transcript of every video on this site on this page. All of the free video content is available here to everyone, and members can also print out the transcripts to the Members Only content on this page.

Affiliates - Referral Bonuses

Do you have a website that potential job seekers might see? Or do you have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile or any other online presence where you can post a link to our site? If so, our affiliate program will pay you back for those referrals! Learn more on our Affiliates page.

If you've tried all the free advice available and it's not working, then it's time to try the tactics that the professionals are using to find and land jobs. Enroll as a member today and get back to work!

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