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Searching for a Job During the Holidays

Jobs open and close very quickly during the holiday season, so you need to be organized, and be ready to network. In this video we introduce our new organizational tool that is offered inside of our program, specifically how to use it, and we also discuss holiday networking strategies. For our video access members, we will be adding a new video soon showing you how to build this tool yourself. For all of our coaching level members, I will share a pre-built board with you so I can coach you through it and help you with every lead. Contact me if we haven't talked about this already.

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Our next speaker will be on February 15th.

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Below is an archive of every Job Driven Networking Group meeting we've had so far, and we've had an AMAZING list of speakers! A LinkedIn Expert, a Career Services Director from Notre Dame & Duke University, the founder of the concept of Job Clubs who was recognized by the Secretary of Labor in Washington DC, and many, many more.

They cover virtually every aspect of Networking conceivable, from face to face networking to face to screen netwokring, from large meeting networking tactics to strategies for networking one on one. As you scroll down you will see we have more than 20 full seminars for you. ALL of them are included with your membership to, and we will continue to add new ones after every monthly job club meeting. Enjoy!

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