Preparation & Planning Course

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Knowing how to organize your job search station and which tools to have is essential to speed up your job search!

Planning & Preparation Materials Included:
       Daily & Weekly Planner Accountability Options
       Hashtag List to follow Twitter Accounts to follow
       Pre-Interview Checklist Debrief Form
       Job Offer Comparison Tool and even more!
Instructional Training Videos Included:
       Setting Up Your Desk Technology Tips
       Social Media Suggestions Daily & Weekly Goals
       Interview Preparation Thank You Letters

Setting Up Your Desk

It's possible to set up your workspace in a way that will create interest from employers by how efficiently you can react. This video will show you specific steps and resources to walk you through the setup process.

Technology Tips

Set up and use your technology to significantly speed up your job search! This video will show you tips and tricks that some other headhunters don't even know how to do, by watching this video all the way through, you will change your approach to job search and find a job faster.

Social Media Suggestions

Selecting the right Social Media tools is essential. This video explains how to choose, which ones we suggest and why.

Daily & Weekly Goals

Having a plan will focus your actions and get you there faster. In this video, learn how to use the planner and set up a week in advance.

Interview Preparation

Preparation helps you shape the interview to your advantage! Plus it instills confidence that you will do well. Watch this to learn WHAT you should know, and WHERE to find it.

Thank You Letters

The right Thank You Letter can make a world of difference.

If you've tried all the free advice available and it's not working, then it's time to try the tactics that the professionals are using to find and land jobs. Enroll as a member today and get back to work!

Here's one more video from our YouTube Channel to help you prepare for your search.


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