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  • **Scroll down to see how this process helped Laura, Dalia, & Mike get interviews.

We help you optimize your LinkedIn Profile & Resume for Results.

We test resumes for ATS compatibility on 2 Applicant Tracking Systems!

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Members have exclusive access to over 1,500 jobs nationally, and we personally follow up with the company holding the position on your behalf after every application.

As recruiters, we have access to real Applicant Tracking Systems used by today's employers, so we can ensure your resume is ATS compatible!

It worked for them, it can work for you.

  • Laura didn't go on a single interview in more than a year, but in less than 90 days as a member of our program she interviewed with 16 companies and got 3 job offers.
  • Dalia was terminated from a hospital and couldn't get anyone to talk with her, but within 30 days of our coaching she got 2 offers and accepted a job from another hospital.
  • Mike, a Marketing Manager earning a 6 figure salary, was struggling to get interviews. He started our program and within 90 days was averaging 3 to 5 interviews PER WEEK!

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