Negotiate Salary

Time to talk money! The way you explain your current compensation can affect the offer you receive. This video will walk you through how to do it.

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Video Timeline - Total Duration: 36:21
00:02 - Identify your complete situation
01:43 - If you're working with a Recruiter
04:32 - Explaining bonuses
04:55 - Hourly wages
06:20 - Overtime
09:14 - Large Jumps in Pay (Up or Down)
17:28 - How much do you want to make?
17:46 - How to negotiate if you're working with a Recruiter
23:33 - How about giving a range?
24:35 - How to negotiate without a recruiter
30:30 - If they make you an offer on the spot
34:31 - Assignment Time


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