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When you are looking for a job you have 2 choices:

1. You can apply for jobs online, wait, and hope someone calls you.


2. You can proactively go get your next job on your own terms.

If you are content waiting for a call, this program is not for you. If you want specific steps to proactively go get your next job, click here to join our community. You will get hands on coaching through the process. No more waiting; take control of your search. No, this is not free, but neither is a cab to drive you to your destination. Why walk? We know the way. Hop in. Let's go!

This is NOT about hurrying to land any job.

This is about maximizing the efficiency of your job search. When you spend LESS TIME GUESSING and doing things wrong, you will get better results, faster. Applying and hoping rarely works; Networking and proactively creating Warm Leads OFTEN works. Search smarter, not harder. We can show you specifically how to get the results you want. Join our community today!


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Why can't individuals get Outplacement help on their own?

How can Outplacement Firms charge employers $1,000's just to help their people?

Good questions. That's why we created, so EVERYONE can get the help they deserve. We've taken Outplacement help to an entirely new strategic level. Check it out!

Professional Outplacement Services

  • Plus live, confidential networking in our Private Member Forum
  • Real jobs to pursue across the United States, all industries
  • Help landing those jobs by 350+ recruiting firms that support
  • At a fraction of the cost of other outplacement services.

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"Paul is so thorough in his videos, presentations, and follow-through on tasks. He has the uncanny ability to anticipate all avenues of a problem/solution and share them openly and honestly. I particularly appreciated the question/answer arena on his online videos which stretches a candidates responses to either think out of the box, or at minimum to put the response in a factual succinct positive light.. His skills are tremendously valuable!"
~Gail V

 How much more time can you afford to be looking for a job? Sign up and go get one!

"Unequivocally, I can say that Paul Cameron is the main reason I am employed today not only with a great company, but also in a role that is a perfect fit for me. contains invaluable resources that address every category in a job search. The process of finding a job is a full-time job. I had no idea how to even begin an active job search, and was overwhelmed with the amount of preparation I had to perform in order to get started. For an example, I was clueless about LinkedIn and the benefits of designing a profile that would maximize my potential for networking opportunities. Paul’s system and organizational tools in Speedupmyjobsearch .com provided me with the structure to be successful with the job search process. "
~Laura C

Jobs that are NOT posted can still be found! Watch!

Englarge the video as you watch so you can see the URL examples used.

Want 11 Pre-written ATS Search Strings for free?

What are ATS Search Strings? Watch the video above to find out!

"My experience with has been very positive. About half way through all of the content and I've found it to be helpful and contains some great advice. Good job! I just landed a consulting assignment this morning!"
~Bill H

"Paul's advice and guidance helped reduced the amount of time it took for me to land a job. It was a comfort to know that I had a Job Coach who was available whenever questions came up and to help me evaluate advice from others. He was always willing and available to help. Paul was especially helpful when it came to organizing my search, understanding how to use LinkedIn to increase my network, improving my interviewing skills and helping me understand how to prepare before an interview. I highly recommend Paul Cameron as a Job Coach."
~Melinda K

"I just got hired today! I landed a Management level position at a large company in downtown Milwaukee. I have absolutely LOVED having you and your videos with me during my job search! I've learned so much and you are so encouraging and positive and smart -- I really felt like you were there with me in my corner and I can't thank you enough!"
~Susan R

"The website has everything you need to get focused and organized with your job search. He's basically done everything for you except go on your interview. The instructional videos and planner are exceptional. He's done the upfront work. It's your decision to put it to work for you."
~Philip W

Stop experimenting! We already know what works.

"But I've been out of work for more than 6 months!!"  Use that to your advantage! Watch!


If it wasn't possible for headhunters to consistently find and fill jobs multiple times every month, they would not continue to be headhunters.

This website shows you specifically how they do it so YOU can land a good job for yourself!


Headhunters don't blast resumes out hoping to catch a break. They follow a structure to make the process predictable and reliable.

Paul Cameron has been a headhunter since 1998, finding and filling jobs in good economies and bad, 12 months of the year (including months with holidays). This is his process!

Job search books can't offer visual and audible demonstrations, or ask mock interview questions, or update themselves after purchase as new search technologies emerge, but this site can!

"Thanks for your help with the interview prep and your great site. I start my new job on Monday!"
~Leslie J

Hope is not a strategy; it's important, but you need a plan.

Who has this site helped so far?

  • A senior executive landed a VP role in a large, very well known restaurant chain in his target city, which was 400 miles from his current residence, using these exact techniques.
  • A Project Manager who has been searching for a job for 7 years accepted an offer on day 26 of being a member of this site.
  • Paul's personal Administrative Assistant of 5 years needed to stay close to home when the company moved farther West, used these techniques and received an offer from a Fortune 300 company in the same suburb of Chicago she lives in...and she turned it down for a better offer closer to home!
  • 3 months after this site's completion, one of the web developers of this site who had no prior association to Paul Cameron, only knowing the content from seeing it during development, joined as a member to help her significant other's job search. "I thought the content was great and I know it will help him."
  • Many, many more, and YOU can be next!

Eventually you can cut a steak with a butter knife, but why? Likewise, you can eventually land a job without a plan, but why struggle when you can be handed a proven plan?

"Preparation, setting goals and staying organized is key to staying competitive in this job market. I can definitely say that if you utilize the tools and expert advice Paul provides on his website, you can't go wrong, no matter how short or long your job search has been."
~Marie T

"I was total impressed with the quality of the content, the candid nature of the video's, and the ability to read the video transcript also. The topics are spot-on and any job seeker will benefit from this site."
~Paul P

They are all talking about Paul!

Paul has been recognized as an industry expert and quoted directly for job search advice by:

  • New York Times best-selling author Martin Yate in his 2011 book, Knock'em Dead
  • The Chicago Tribune's "Blue Sky Innovation" 2013 debut edition
  • The Daily Herald of Chicago
  • MSN Careers
  • AOL Jobs
  • Yahoo Shine: Work + Money
  • The Chicago Tribune’s online Jobs section
  • Hewlett Packard’s Input/Output blog
  • WomansDay Magazine's online Jobs Advice
  • Many other lesser known job search advice blogs and columns

Chicago Tribune Daily Herald MSN Careers   Knockem Dead  Yahoo Shine  AOL JobsTribune Blue Sky  Womans Day Magazine

Paul on NCTV

Landing the right job can be a statistical probability, not random luck! Read below:

If 100 candidates apply to 1 position...

  • Maybe 20% of them will have an inside contact at that company. This site shows you how to obtain that contact.
  • Of those 20%, maybe half of them have an effectively written resume and cover letter. This site shows you how to write those documents for results.
  • Of the remaining 10%, much less than half will know how to effectively sell themselves in an interview. This site teaches tactics anyone can learn to do just that.
  • Of the remaining 5% of the original 100 candidates, maybe 1 or 2 of them (at most) will follow up after the interview, but even then, it's extremely unlikely they will have received training on how to effectively to follow up. This site will give you a template to write one of the most compelling Thank You notes a job seeker can send, AND a follow up schedule of when and how to make follow up calls.
  • This will put YOU in the top 1% of the candidates being considered.

That's just for 1 job. If you could put yourself in the top 1% of candidates being considered for EVERY job you apply to, how much faster would you land? Sign up today and give yourself the statistical advantage over your competition!


"I must say that I have been REALLY impressed with the new web site, there has definitely been a ton of work put into just the videos. I am sure they were not done in just one take. I have listened to many other people provide advice in the past year, and I was provided with outplacement service, but I have picked up new tips from your extensive library of videos."
~Larry W will show you how to optimize your job search activities for speed to help you find a job faster. We also host a Job Board with more than 1,500 urgent job openings, none of them more than 90 days old. Those jobs will fill quickly, so look through them now and create an alert to be notified about relevant jobs as they open.

Stress comes from Uncertainty

Nothing reduces stress like having the confidence of knowing you are doing the right things every day to achieve job search success. When you have a PROVEN plan of action you can execute daily, the stress is reduced. This program will hand you that plan.  It cannot force you to execute it, that's up to you, but it will give you the direction, the encouragement, and confidence to know you are on the right path.

Every day in your job search matters! You never want to settle for a good day in your job search, when you can make a great day happen. Instead of letting another day slip by, check out our free blog or any of our free videos and put 1 tip into practice today! You will be glad you did.

You truly can take control of how much longer your job search is going to last. How do you speed up your job search? Watch our free videos to learn more today.

If you've tried all the free advice available and it's not working, then it's time to try the tactics that the professionals are using to find and land jobs. Enroll as a member today and get back to work!